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#KILLALLZOMBIES Features Twitch Chat Integration


#KILLALLZOMBIES Features Twitch Chat Integration

A new zombie slaying twin-stick shooter is making its way to the PS4, with a Twitch-enabled twist.

Beatshapers, developer of #KILLALLZOMBIES, promises to weave together gameplay and Twitch chat seamlessly. The whole idea sounds a lot like the sensational Twitch Plays Pokémon. The player steams the game on Twitch via PS4’s integrated streaming capabilities, and users can affect the gameplay via chat commands. Pretty cool, right?

For example, viewers can help the player whom is stuck in a bind by entering “killallzombies,” which kills every zombie on screen. Conversely, viewers can spawn boss fights via chat.

It’s an interesting concept, and something that makes perfect sense for the streaming capable consoles. The game is also perfectly playable without the streaming integration applied.  No release date has been announced, other than “soon.”

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