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Ilya Muromets Early Access Takes Off Today


Ilya Muromets Early Access Takes Off Today

The world of flight simulators has always lived within a comfortable home on PC. They offer the opportunity for everyone to get into a cockpit, from enthusiasts who’ve had a deep love of planes for years to casual players who just spent an afternoon watching Top Gun and Airwolf. In the past however, Flight simulation has been a swirling maelstrom of complexity and unintended innuendo. Flap adjustment for example makes me giggle. The bright minds behind IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad are bringing a new sim to the world, named Ilya Muromets.

If the name rings a bell, the Ilya Muromets was designed by Igor Sikorsky and was used during World War One by Russian forces as a heavy bomber. Essentially, it was a big ass biplane with four engines to allow the aircraft to carry commercial passengers or a butt-load of bombs.

The game, which is being made available on the anniversary of Germany declaring war on Russia in WW1, centers around events on the Eastern Front and will feature numerous fighter planes along with the legendary Russian bomber named in the title. Ilya Muromets will contain a number of single player missions, an innovative quick mission builder to create gameplay scenarios at speed and, of course, multiplayer.

Developers 1C Game studios have worked in collaboration with the Russian Military Historical Society to bring this game a base rooted in accurate history. Even just a quick look at the models is enough to get some interest running. I mean come on. That featured image above is the first time I’ve ever seen an early aircraft look so bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful. 1C Game Studios also released a trailer to show off a little more detail about the titular aircraft.

Should you want to get into the Ilya Muromets early access program, you can go buy into it now on the website for $19.99. The game is currently in the beta stage of development with the final version expected to see the light of day October 2014.

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