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Heroes of the Storm Features Trailer Showcases New Heroes


Heroes of the Storm Features Trailer Showcases New Heroes

The Heroes of the Storm hero pool has been filled with plenty of our favorite characters from Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. According to a features video posted on the Heroes of the Storm subreddit this morning (shown above) we can expect a few more familiar faces in the near future.

The trailer reveals three new heroes being added to the HoTS lineup. These include: Chen Stormstout (Warcraft), Anub’Arak (Warcraft), and Azmodan (Diablo). Although their specific roles weren’t revealed with the trailer, some additional images were shared on the HoTS subreddit that show the three heroes’ respective talent trees. From there, it seems likely that Chen and Anub’Arak are more tanky characters while Azmodan has abilities more suited to a specialist.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in a closed Alpha phase. If you’d like to opt-in for a possible beta invitation, you can do so at the official Heroes of the Storm website.

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