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Ghirahim Stars In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer


Ghirahim Stars In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Hyrule Warriors may already be out in Japan but North American fans will have to wait until September 26th to get their hands on the title. The fighting game set in the world of Zelda and Link’s countless tales, is set to feature gameplay that resembles the original style of play but also has a flavor all its own. Accentuating combat over multiple mechanics, this game marks a rare deviation from the formula that has entertained fans for years. Fans need not worry however as it seems like this game is sure to deliver on fun, hitting fast and hard with its punches.

The trailer, seen above, is just a small snippet of what the full game will have to offer players come September 26th of this year and by the looks of it Team Ninja and Nintendo definitely know what they are doing.

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