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Gaming Community Pulls Together, Showing Love and Compassion with #Welovegamedevs


Gaming Community Pulls Together, Showing Love and Compassion with #Welovegamedevs

Head to Twitter. Right now. Go see #welovegamedevs better the gaming community, one tweet at a time. The rapidly growing hashtag, started by The Guardian’s Games Editor Keith Stuart, is the chance for gamers to share their appreciation and love for games and the people who craft them. It’s been a tough week for gaming, but in the face of harsh debates, gamers are banding together in a showing of warmth that is too rare in such a special industry. It’s #welovegamedevs that reminds the world, and ourselves, of the great passions we share with pride.

Players around the world are expressing their love for this industry, and for the people who create the worlds and stories that have welcomed us over the years. Even Square Enix, PlayStation, Media Molecule, Insomniac Games, and other industry figures are sending their thanks to the community in this really awesome gaming love-fest.

Check out but a few of the thousands of compassionate tweets:

The gaming community is not without its problems, and we rarely come together in a form such as this to really appreciate those people, big and small, who make the gaming world possible. Maybe this outpouring of good feelings could become less of a rarity. Maybe #welovegamedevs, and we should show it.

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