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Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III May Appear at Tokyo Game Show


Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III May Appear at Tokyo Game Show

The YouTube Gamers’ Day seminar event was held at YouTube Space Tokyo just this past weekend. Present at the event was Hirokazu Kamamura, the director of Kadokawa Group Holdings and the president of Enterbrain.

He mentions that the PS4 and XBOX One have been “gaining momentum in Europe and the United States” because of how Sony and Microsoft have been putting a lot of their support behind AAA games as well as the smaller indie titles that are growing in popularity.

Kamamura ends off by casually mentioning that he believes that the new-gen consoles will soon see success in Japan. He also mentions that he has heard that a major Japanese game publisher will be making a big announcement at Tokyo Game Show this year.

Shinji Hashimoto has previously stated that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III would be missing E3, but that more information would be revealed at other events this year. It’s highly possible that we will finally learn new details about these two games at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

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