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Fan-Made Shenmue HD Remaster Currently in Development


Fan-Made Shenmue HD Remaster Currently in Development

Someone’s wish for a Shenmue remake is finally coming true, thanks to NoconKid, who has released videos on their YouTube channel of an apparent remaster of the original Sega classic Shenmue with high definition visuals. Suffice to say, the progress looks lovely so far.

The video mainly consists of various shots of Yokosuka,  Japan, the setting of the original game, with upgrades to even the most minute details like the soda and arcade machines. Sega themselves have yet to comment on the project, but it’s clearly a labor of love. Here’s hoping the project goes through as planned, giving a new generation a chance at Shenmue.

We’ll be sure to inform you of any big updates on the Shenmue remake as they roll in. For now, feel free to check out the footage for yourself below:

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