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Elgato Hints at New Game Capture Device


Elgato Hints at New Game Capture Device

Earlier today, Elgato, the company behind the very well-received and popular game capture device tweeted out this cryptic message from their Twitter account:

This could be hinting at a new model of game capture device, or one better suited to work with the newest generation of consoles. According to this response to a fan, the graphical recording caparbilities are limited in the current model.

With the explosive growth in streaming via Twitch, many gamers are looking for easy ways to get in on the action. Also, since a lot of gamers nowadays equate that 1080p/60fps to the overall quality of a game, it may benefit Elgato to announce a new model capable of full 1080p/60fps recording. We’ll keep an eye out on August 11th and find out.

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