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Digital TV Tuner Coming to Xbox One


Digital TV Tuner Coming to Xbox One

Soon Xbox One users will be able to access free over the air digital programming on their consoles via a USB digital TV tuner, well at least our friends across the pond will be able to. The tuner remains exclusive to European nations.

This is a great device to those who don’t have a cable subscription, or those that do, but without a cable box. This new peripheral gives users the ability to enjoy the same features that those with cable boxes already have. These features include OneGuide TV listings, Kinect Voice integration, and the ability to pause live TV.

This new device is really cool, and I would buy one up in a heartbeat if it made its way to North America, but, Microsoft issued a statement to Polygon that implies otherwise.

“Over-the-air television reception varies region to region. A good experience may rely on antennas that not all households have. Consequently, it is more difficult to provide an out-of-the-box consumer solution for over-the-air TV in the U.S. compared to other markets around the world. We will continue to evaluate new technologies and future opportunities to bring over-the-air digital TV to Xbox One in other markets.”

The tuner, priced at €29.99 for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, and ₤24.99 in the UK, will be available in late October.


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