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Destiny Infographic Paints Startling Picture


Destiny Infographic Paints Startling Picture

Remember that Destiny Beta from a few weeks ago that was all anyone could talk about? Of course you do, who could forget the thousands and thousands of words written on that beautiful piece of art/lame WoW clone (depending on which side you find yourself on). Well Bungie has released a wonderful little info-graphic that details all the incredible statistics that were gathered during the Beta’s short voyage on consoles and here’s what Bungie discovered:

With statistics like these it’s no wonder Bungie is ecstatic for their upcoming release. Even with all the mixed feelings that players had coming out of the Beta it still goes to show that people enjoyed their time with it. Come September 9th, it is safe to assume that Bungie is going to be looking at a very successful release for their new IP.

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