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Destiny: Ghost Edition Selling like Hotcakes on eBay


Destiny: Ghost Edition Selling like Hotcakes on eBay

The hype train for Bungie’s upcoming Destiny has been chugging steadily along and after the well-received beta, has been at full throttle. Unsurprisingly, people are foaming at the mouth to get back into the game, and are willing to pay pretty ridiculous prices to do so; especially when it was announced that retailers were having to cancel certain Destiny: Ghost Edition preorders.

On eBay, multiple sellers have listed their preorders for as much as $1000, and before you scoff and ask who in their right mind would pay such an exorbitant amount, take a look at this:


Destiny, and its limited editions, launches on September 9th for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Seems like that day can’t come fast enough.

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