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Classic Resident Evil Coming to Current Consoles


Classic Resident Evil Coming to Current Consoles

Back in 1996, a totally new survival horror series shuffled into the light. Pioneering many of the features we now all find synonymous with the genre, Resident Evil took the world by storm. Since its original release there have been numerous titles bearing the name across every console generation since. Today Capcom announced that they will be bringing the original nightmare of Spencer’s Mansion to current and last generation consoles.

It’s not the original original however that will be launched. Instead Capcom are re-releasing the 2002 GameCube version. The title will be fully remastered using the advancements made in gaming technology since the release 12 years ago. Textures will be re-imagined in 1080p (on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and the sound will be beefed up to support 5.1 surround systems while also being further remastered.

What’s most interesting about this though is that there will be options to maintain more of a classic experience. The game will run in a 16:9 widescreen ratio but will give players the ability to play in 4:3. Give me an option to have scan-lines or that satisfying pffrckt you’d get when turning on a CRT TV and I’m there! Resident Evil‘s notorious control system will also be reworked. You can just point the analog stick where you want to travel or you can choose to keep the original “tank” controls.

This remastered remaster of Resident Evil will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC early 2015 in Europe and North America for digital purchase.

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