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Chocobo Diaries – Predicting the Next FFXIV Healer Job


Chocobo Diaries – Predicting the Next FFXIV Healer Job

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Last week, we discussed potential new tank classes for the upcoming (but not yet formally announced) expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and as promised, this week new healing classes get the spotlight! Very few things in MMORPGs get people more excited than new classes. Like last week, I’m going to discuss and rate the chances of a lot of the popular ideas I have seen being tossed around on the internet, while throwing in a couple of my own ideas as well. 

A couple of notes before we begin just in case you missed last week’s edition of Chocobo Diaries. First, we’ll be sticking to jobs that currently already exist in the Final Fantasy universe. It is very possible that SE might come up with something completely new; they have done it before in Final Fantasy XI with the Puppetmaster and Runefencer classes. However, since that is too unpredictable, let’s try and figure out which of the classic Final Fantasy jobs would fit in best with FFXIV.


Second, we will be sticking to just the job and not the class. For those that are unfamiliar, players select a class that eventually becomes a more specialized job. For example, in order to become a White Mage, one must have the Conjurer class and the Arcanist class leveled up to a certain point. Since jobs are what are used in endgame, and are so far are made up of those classic FF jobs (Paladin, Dragoon, and Monk for example are all Jobs), we will just be focusing on those, especially since SE has been flirting with the idea of redoing how classes work anyway.

Finally, I will be rating each job from 1 through 5, with a 1 meaning that particular job has very little to no chance of being added and a 5 being as close to a lock as possible without a firm confirmation. Ok everyone ready? Let’s start with a popular idea that been requested by fans going all the way back to FFXI

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