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You Can Now Hide Games in Your Steam Library


You Can Now Hide Games in Your Steam Library

Are you ashamed by your Steam library? Are the big kids down the block bullying you for all of those obscure indie titles? Maybe you’re tired of being reminded of the thousands of hours you have in Hatoful Boyfriend, the game where you date a pigeon, every time you browse your otherwise impeccable library. Well wipe your tears, shameful pigeon daters. Steam has heard your sorrows, and in the latest beta update introduces the ability to hide games from your Steam library.


“Games that are hidden will not show up in library filters except for a new filter called ‘Hidden’, which will only appear once at least one game is marked as hidden,” the update reads. “Hidden games are still available for play and will still appear on the user’s profile.”

Once you update the the client, all you’ll need to do is right click a game in your library, select “Set Categories,” and check “Hide this game in my library.” You’ll now have a “Hidden” games tab of your library, filled with all your dirty Steam secrets, and your regular library list will be squeaky clean. Enjoy.

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