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You Can Explore No Man's Sky For the Rest of Your Life


You Can Explore No Man's Sky For the Rest of Your Life

It seems that the hype-train for No Man’s Sky is not about to die down. The ambitious, procedurally generated universe crafted by Hello Games captured the imaginations of gamers everywhere. The promise of a truly unique universe open for players to explore is one of the most seductive promises to any gamer. But, there has been a lingering question in regards to No Man’s Sky, “Just how big can this game be?”

In an interview with IGN, Hello Game’s Sean Murray describes just how big the game world is.  Apparently, visiting every planet in the game would take the player 5 billion years. This number, already unfathomable, is made even more impressive by the fact that this is only visiting each planet for one second. From what we know about the game, one second is definitely not enough time to spend on each planet; this game is going to be ridiculously massive.

Murray attributes this impressive feat to the decision to stop using 32-bit numbers to generate the worlds and to start using 64-bit numbers. When they were using 32-bit numbers, it would have taken the player mere thousands of years to see each planet per second. This is a sizable upgrade, making the scale of this game almost unimaginable.

No Man’s Sky is set to release on the PS4 and on PC shortly after. There is no set release date.

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