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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel — Claptrap's Action Skill Revealed


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel — Claptrap's Action Skill Revealed

One of the most requested pieces of information by Borderlands players about the upcoming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has been information on the infamous Claptrap’s action skill. Andrew Goldfarb, Content Editor over at Gearbox Software took to the PlayStation Blog earlier today to shed some light on Claptrap’s abilities.

Claptrap’s Action Skill is called Vaulthunter.exe, and according to Goldfarb:

“… when he uses it he’s granted one of several random abilities for a short time. If you’re lucky and Claptrap’s programming is working properly, you might get a brief opportunity to use a version of another Vault Hunter’s skill, like becoming a Gunzerker (In Claptrap’s case, Funzerking!) or a Mechromancer (You’ll love your new fire rate!). If you’re less lucky, you might be stuck bouncing up and down uncontrollably or launching a torrent of grenades that will obliterate friend and foe alike.”

Claptrap will also gain different subroutines depending on which skill tree you decide to delve into, making for even more crazy carnage possibilities.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is slated for release on October 14th for the PlayStation 3.

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