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The Hilariously Sad Story of How Bloodborne Will Probably Drag Me into the Console Wars


The Hilariously Sad Story of How Bloodborne Will Probably Drag Me into the Console Wars

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These console wars are a funny thing to me, a PC gamer. I constantly see people fighting over their platform choice just like others do concerning football teams and sometimes even political ideas. The internet is bursting with news, notes, opinion pieces, memes and mocking posts on battlegrounds that are everywhere, from blogs to private chats. I even admit I had a lot of fun during E3, as my friends argued about which company had “won” the conference.

I won’t lie, I wish all games were released for PC. I have been denied of the chance of playing some really awesome series such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid, as well as other amazingly promising titles yet to come like Sunset Overdrive. And yet…I endured. It had nothing to do with that PC master race warcry bullsh–… I just didn’t care enough for a game to make the effort of leaving my very comfortable and customized computer aside, even for a while, so I would play on a console. I mean, I don’t even own a television set nor a comfortable couch: my PC is my activity center.

Only Gaben can save me from the console sin.

Even though I love video games, I am rarely one that becomes a fanatic of things in a way that changes my life; there are very few exceptions of course, especially in the literature and gaming universes, but those are very uncommon and mostly discussed with friends. That’s why it was all fun and laughs with these console-related whining and capslock-yelling until my little sad consumerist heart got played with and Bloodborne appeared.

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