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Blackguards 2 Announced with a Community Oriented Trailer


Blackguards 2 Announced with a Community Oriented Trailer

Not even a year after the release of Blackguards, Daedalic Entertainment has already announced a sequel for their turn-based RPG game. The great news is that the German studio listened to the gaming community and seems to be determined to improve what already was a very interesting title.

Blackguards 2, set a few years after the story of its predecessor, will focus on what happened to the heroes of the first game of the series and will get them together once again in order to help Cassia, the new main protagonist, become the ruler of the Shark Throne.

This new title will also be based on The Dark Eye RPG rulebook but will include several revisions, optimisations and even simplifications. These changes will be focused on what Blackguards players asked and will feature requested mechanics such as improved line of sight, cover and formation options.

I say it’s a great thing when developers actually listen and try to please their fans.
Blackguards 2 will be released for PC and MAC during the first months of 2015.


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