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BioWare Announces Their Latest Title


BioWare Announces Their Latest Title

BioWare, the company that brought gamers some of the greatest story-driven tales of our generation, has officially announced development on what they’re calling a “4v1 Story Driven Online Action RPG”. Shadow Realms looks to bring the world of fantasy into modern times through episodic gameplay which they hope to release very frequently. The game will offer “dynamic co-op missions in a constantly evolving BioWare world.” Those words may seem like a lot of what we have been hearing from games lately, but it’s a first for BioWare and it seems like an interesting direction.

The game looks like it will be channeling some of Evolve with its emphasis on 4v1 competitive multiplayer, where 4 “Heroes” teaming up to take down 1 “Shadowlord” who “controls creatures, sets traps and changes the environment itself.” The video above shows a little bit of gameplay for Shadow Realms which was announced at Gamescom and is currently being developed for PC by BioWare Austin.

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