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Beyonce Two Souls Is Finally a Real Thing


Beyonce Two Souls Is Finally a Real Thing

Sometimes, the planets align and the universe gives you a perfect idea. Like our very own Andres Ruiz had when he mocked up this picture as a joke for an article a few months back:

Beyonce: Two Souls

But some ideas are too powerful to fade away quietly; especially ones that have to do with Queen Bey. After what feels like an eternity, the game we don’t need, but the one we deserve has finally been announced. Beyonce Two Souls will be released by developer Powernoia Games on September 1st. It seems as though investors also craved Beyonce Two Souls since Powernoia Games secured $7 million to make this masterpiece. However, I’m not too thrilled with the impersonator they have narrating the teaser trailer.

Will it be an action/adventure? Platformer? FPS? RPG? No one knows yet, but on September 1st the game will be available here and the whole world can find out.

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