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Adonia: Age of the Elementalists Announced


Adonia: Age of the Elementalists Announced

Today, a new Portland based studio, Brick House Games, announced a new RPG for mobile platforms, along with a new game engine, via the game’s Kickstarter.

The game, Adonia: Age of the Elementalists, features turn based combat with collectible monsters similar to the Pokemon franchise, though the monsters here seem to have larger movesets at their disposal.  The game also seems to have a depth of development choices for your hero that will be controlling the monsters.  The official description is as follows:

Adonia: Age of the Elementalists is an expansive RPG in which you are set out to capture monsters from all regions of the world and train them to fight the Elementalists that have been causing havoc for decades. There are more than 50 regions to explore and over 200 monsters to capture, each with their own unique abilities. Dive into deep quest lines, explore exciting and beautiful regions, and create an unstoppable team of elemental beasts to take back Adonia and restore peace to the Torrae!”

MIGUS in action, displaying a combat encounter.

MIGUS in action, displaying a combat encounter.

A new game engine, the MIGUS (Minimal Input Graphicless User-Interface System), was also talked about in detail, touting a user interface based entirely on small swipe and tap gestures tailor-made for the mobile platform.  Online play will also be incorporated into Adonia, but currently it is planned to be unlocked only after completing the main game.

There is no official release date as of yet, but Brick House Games is aiming for an official release in  January 2015, with backers potentially getting early access starting as soon as November 2014.


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