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The 8 Simple Pleasures in Gaming


The 8 Simple Pleasures in Gaming

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Think back to the first time you remember having fun playing video games. Between then and now, you’ve probably played hundreds, maybe even thousands, of games. Some were great, some were bad, and most were just ok. But somewhere in that giant gaming history, there are moments that stand out.

That moment might not have been something difficult or noteworthy, or it might have been downing the game’s hardest boss. For whatever reason, you always have fond memories of that time and consider it one of your gaming simple pleasures. I asked the rest of the staff what their simple pleasures in gaming were and their answers ranged from the normal to the strange, but that’s the beauty of simple pleasures. They don’t have to make sense to anybody but you and it can be as strange as you want it to be (Except for James. He’s just a weirdo.)

Sharon: Hunting for that perfect bouquet

WoW Herbalism

“Simple” and “pleasure” don’t describe gaming for a lot of people. As technology and a growing industry allows games to become more and more complex, it’s easy to miss the little gaming joys in life. Personally, World of Warcraft Herbalism is a profoundly relaxing pastime.

That’s right, I like to take a nice stroll through Azeroth, picking hundreds of flowers. Not because they’re pretty, mind you, but because they’re a veritable gold mine (while gold ore, ironically, sells pretty cheap). Whatever it may say about consumerism, capitalism, or human greed, there are far fewer joys in life than undercutting market herb prices and making butt-tons of money on the Auction House. It’s never a dull chore, either.

Sometimes you’ll travel across dangerous lands full of epic enemies to find that elusive flower patch. Other times, you’ll brave PvP war zones to grab some sexy Frost Lotus. That’s when I’m most thankful to be playing a Rogue, as I invisibly stalk the Horde player headed for my leafy target, and Sap him into a 60 second submission. Then I laugh maniacally as their paralyzed character watches the herb they’ve been staking out go straight into my pocket.

Money, shady acquisitions, and devious capitalism… it’s the small, merry things that make Herbalism a delight.

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