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5 Steps to Surviving as a Total Beginner in Dark Souls II


5 Steps to Surviving as a Total Beginner in Dark Souls II

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Dark Souls II has been out for a number of months now, and its most ardent fans have explored every inch of its world. One thing I’ve observed however is that people often ask about it; I regularly recommend this game to video game fans I encounter in my library. Some people take me up on it, but many decline because they’ve heard about how hard it is and they’re intimidated. Make no mistake, the Souls games are tough especially for newcomers. They are not impossible however, and are actually very reasonable once you’ve learned the basics. I love this game and I think it deserves the biggest possible audience, so I made this quick guide. Here are some handy tips to help newcomers get off on the right foot.

Choose the Right Class

'Sword and Board' all the way.

‘Sword and Board’ all the way.

There are 8 starting classes in Dark Souls II. The differences between them has to do with how their stats are allocated (i.e. Knight has high Strength, Sorcerer has high Attunement, etc.) and what items they start with. There’s a blend of melee characters, ranged characters, and combinations between them. One nice thing about this game is that you have ample options for adjusting your character on the fly, so a ranged character can become strong in melee if you build them up that way.

The possibilities are limitless for how you can customize your character, but for beginners I’m going to recommend you start as a Warrior. Yes, it’s not the most exciting class, but it is the perfect blend of strength, endurance, and speed that will offer you the best protection as you take your first steps in your journey.

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