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5 Games That Will Be Missed This Fall


5 Games That Will Be Missed This Fall

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This fall is definitely shaping up to be a pretty decent time for gamers who find themselves holding onto their current generation consoles without anything to play. Unfortunately, there are plenty of great games that won’t be making it to gaming consoles this fall. These games were at some point reported to be heading to our television screens, but now it seems that will just have to wait for some more polishing to be done. Those games include:

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Right next to Dragon Age: InquisitionThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was poised to take fantasy fans by storm this fall until it got pushed back to 2014. The game looked to be enchanting everyone with its unbelievable visuals and a promise of an open world that would rival anything currently available.

Unfortunately, the story of Geralt of Rivia is going to have to wait until February 2015, as CD Projekt RED works their magic to release the best possible game they can. As it is their first outing on the newer consoles, not to mention their final outing for Geralt, it’s no wonder CD wants this game to be as amazing as possible. Fans of the adult fantasy series should look forward to finally getting their hands on the game early next year.

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