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XnTouch Wants You to Shoot Your Tablet


XnTouch Wants You to Shoot Your Tablet

XnTouch has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a touch-reactive dart system for tablets called SNIPE.

The purpose of SNIPE is to reinvent the way you play shooters on tablets and other smart devices that are touch-enabled. The gun looks to be a standard-fare Nerf blaster, but the darts are what are is so special. The darts are designed to act the same way your finger would, think of it as a stylus that projectiles across your room. It’s one of those products that makes you think, “Why has no one done this before?”


The Kickstarter page outlines that SNIPE is most accurate when up to seven feet away from a ten-inch or smaller screen.

XnTouch is free software for SNIPE, the only cost would be the gun and darts. At the time of writing, the crowd-funding campaign has raised just over $21,000, with a goal of $100,000.

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