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Xbox Entertainment Studios To Close, Quantum Break Possibly Affected


Xbox Entertainment Studios To Close, Quantum Break Possibly Affected

As a part of the greater restructuring of Microsoft and Xbox that has gone on under the watch of Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer, the two leads of Microsoft and Xbox respectively, it has been revealed today that the Xbox Entertainment Studios, a division dedicated to the production of original television content for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, will close.

The Xbox Entertainment Division’s current projects, namely the two Halo live action series produced by Ridley Scott (Halo: Nightfall) and Steven Spielberg (Untitled Halo Starz Series) and the E.T. The Extra Terrestrial/Atari documentary Signal to Noise, will continue in production uninterrupted. Nightfall will still have a presence at San Diego Comic Con this year. However, all other projects have been terminated.

Unconfirmed, strangely, is the status of Remedy’s Quantum Break, which has live action television segments integral to its story. Microsoft representatives would not comment when approached on whether or not those live action segments were under the banner of Xbox Entertainment Studios or if they would be affected by the change.

Also not affected by this change are any cable apps or Xbox partnerships with TV corporations.

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