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World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Street Dates Revealed


World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Street Dates Revealed

The act of rolling around in a tank blowing up other tanks is a dream held by most youngsters from the first time they’re taken to a military show. A vital part of any combat operation, armoured vehicles are often the big thing everyone sees when coverage of conflict is shown in the media. World of Tanks shot onto the gaming scene in August 2010 and has scene a meteoric rise to success with its team-based conflicts and free-to-play monetisation model. In 2013, announced they were bringing the game to Xbox 360 and now they’ve given us the street dates for the (deep breath) World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Combat Ready Starter Pack.

This bundle offers purchasers a fairly delightful list of exclusive features for their money (£15.99 in the UK). It will contain 3 days of premium account status which boosts silver and experience gain by 50%, 1,500 in-game gold currency, a further 200,000 of the game’s silver currency, a 30 day Xbox Live Gold trial voucher, and the premium German Panzer 38H Tier II light tank which sports both heavy armour and a fast-firing main gun.

The title is at its core free to play though so all Xbox Live subscribers will have access to the title but without the retail specific additions in this pack.

If your appetite for vehicular destruction has been whet by the prospect of moving tanks across the field of battle on caterpillar tracks and you want to pick up the World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Combat Ready Start Pack, it will be available from retailers August 12 in North and South America, August 14th in Asian-Pacific territories and August 29th across Europe.

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