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Witcher 3 to be Shown Publicly at Comic Con


Witcher 3 to be Shown Publicly at Comic Con

CD Projekt Red has announced that they will be showing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the public for the first time at Comic Con. According to Polygon, attendees should look forward to The Witcher Panel where Doug Cockle, voice of Geralt of Rivia himself, Paul Tobin, author of The Witcher: House of Glass, Nick McWhorter, from Dark Horse comics, and Rafał Jaki, game director of The Wild Hunt, will be present to show off their game. Attendees will also be treated to a postcard that features the work of British comic artist, Simon Bisley.

Jaki is also quoted as saying, “Since this is the first Comic-Con for Geralt of Rivia, we’re going the extra mile to talk to as many Witcher fans as possible, at as many places as possible.” So it looks like Comic Con attendees should look forward to seeing the many features that have been making the gaming press fall head over heels for the the third and final entry in the fantasy franchise. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is slated for a February 24th, 2015 release date for current generation consoles and PC.

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