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Watch Dota 2's The International on ESPN3


Watch Dota 2's The International on ESPN3

Now here’s some great news for progamers and eSports enthusiasts alike! It was announced yesterday that the $10+ million Dota 2 tournament The International will be televised this weekend on ESPN3.

Yep, you read that right, ESPN. The sports network is collaborating with Valve to broadcast the championship as it unfolds between today and Monday. And on Sunday night at 11:30pm EDT, ESPN2 will have an exclusive preview of Monday’s final match, complete with game highlights, strategy analysis, and interviews with the players and even Mr. Gabe Newell himself.

While you could always watch The International on Twitch, doesn’t it sound like more fun to watch it on your very own TV? With commercials?! I kid, I kid. If you’re an eSports fan who has access to ESPN3, you really ought to watch it there.

This is huge step toward legitimizing eSports as a “real” sport. And if we can prove to the likes of ESPN that there is in fact a market for eSports viewership, then we just might see other tournaments televised in the future!

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