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WARMACHINE: Tactics Stomps onto Steam Early Access


WARMACHINE: Tactics Stomps onto Steam Early Access

Kickstarter has become something of a nursery for great ideas and titles everyone wanted but no-one would publish. Standout successes include Double Fine’s Double Fine Adventure (which became Broken Age), Star Citizen which has gone on to pass $47 million (although it did use multiple crowd-funding sources), and the wonderful Divinity: Original Sin which started out on Kickstarter before going on to earn a 5/5 from us. One of Kickstarter’s latest success stories, WARMACHINE: Tactics, achieved over 300% of its original funding goal and is  finding its way onto Steam Early Access today (June 9th).

For those unfamiliar with the property, WARMACHINE at its core is a tabletop strategy game where players utilise deadly steam-powered machines fo war (hence the name) to do battle with one another and claim victory. It uses a wonderful aesthetic which is pleasing to the eye and has tempted a great many tabletop gamers away from their favourite properties before taking them into WARMACHINE’s slightly-clawed embrace (including me). WARMACHINE: Tactics comes to the gaming world in the form of a turn-based strategy title born from the WARMACHINE property owned by Privateer Press.

The title was shown off at PAX East and E3 this year among others to critical praise. Now, having already been in closed beta for backers since June 25th, it’s coming to Steam Early Access offering players the opportunity to jump into the multiplayer beta and give the developers WhiteMoon Dreams important feedback. Access will cost $65/£50 via Steam but will include a motherload of bonus features like additional DLC units and, of course, a copy of the game when the full release comes around.

If that’s a little too pricey for you then it may serve you well to hold off until the game’s full release, expected to be the end of August 2014. However, if the idea of commanding a demolisher Warjack into battle is just too wonderful for you to ignore, you might want to take the leap into WARMACHINE: Tactics Early Access.

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