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Uncharted Film to Begin Shooting Early 2015


Uncharted Film to Begin Shooting Early 2015

Or at least that’s according to the film’s director Seth Gordon when he told website Zap2It.

Along with revealing the hopeful shooting date as early 2015, Gordon revealed some hopes regarding the project. For one, he plans on making the Uncharted film very international in scope, much like the games themselves. As far as plot goes, the script seems to be at a “good place” presently and will honor the first game without directly adapting it. Gordon says that while the film will build from the first entry, he wants to create a new story worthy of the series.

The film was originally attached to David O. Russell (American Hustle) and was set to star Mark “Marky Mark” Whalberg (who produced Entourage). Since then the film has been picked up by Seth Gordon with the lead still uncast. Gordon reveals that he is a fan of looking to TV actors to make the transition to film in his movies and with Whalberg leaving the project, he wouldn’t mind finding a TV actor, preferably with a chin for the character. I can think of one popular TV actor with a chin who might be perfect for the role.

Seth Gordon is currently working as executive producer for shows such as The Goldbergs and the upcoming sitcom Marry Me; as well as having been the director of such comedies like Horrible Bosses.

[Zap2It: ‘Uncharted’ to start filming in early 2015, director Seth Gordon says]

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