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Ubisoft Releases Access Granted DLC


Ubisoft Releases Access Granted DLC

Ubisoft released some DLC for Watch_Dogs, entitled Access Granted. This DLC includes new weapons, skill-tree perks, outfits, and three new missions. The new missions included are The Palace, Signature Shot, and Breakthrough, all of which are single player missions that allow the player to “explore Chicago further” than before.

New weapons include the Biometric Rifle, which becomes unique to Aiden and can be accessed by playing through the mission Signature Shot. The other weapon is the a burst-fire pistol that is supposed to be “capable of a lot of damage.”

New outfits include a new black-on-green Chicago South Club outfit, and a black-on-blue DedDec outfit, with an interestingly cool acid-glow green paint splatter design on the pants and duster.

Players with the Watch_Dogs Season Pass had access to this DLC last week, but it is now available for purchase $6.99 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.


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