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Trial and Unlock Game Demos Make It to Xbox One


Trial and Unlock Game Demos Make It to Xbox One

With the “next gen” consoles getting settled into “current gen” position, Microsoft is slowly bringing additional features to their Xbox One according to public demands. After much pining from the community, Microsoft has recently updated the Xbox One to feature trial and buy gaming, as was possible on the Xbox 360.

This feature will allow players to download a trial version of a game from the Xbox Live Arcade, and if they like it, pay to unlock the full game. Most importantly, players won’t have to download the full game after downloading the demo, saving time, bandwidth, and memory.

While the addition of trial and buy isn’t the most groundbreaking update, the slow accumulation of expected features for the Xbox One is strengthening the console over-time, and showing that Microsoft plans on listening to its players and keeping their project moving forward.

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