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Tournament Offering Stronghold Crusader 2 E3 Demo as a Prize


Tournament Offering Stronghold Crusader 2 E3 Demo as a Prize

Stronghold is one of those RTS games with a rare gift. The franchise has a mystical power which so many games would kill for. Not only does it prick up the ear of every genre fan in the world when a new release looms on the horizon, the series is also able to maintain a small yet fanatical base of players who think about their strategies more often than eating. I know this because I was one of them. As Firefly Studios gears up to release Stronghold Crusader 2 later this year, they are running between conventions showing the game off. In a rare twist on the norm, you can actually win a copy of the game’s E3 demo.

If you’re good enough at its older brother, Stronghold Crusader.

Dubbed as “The Sultan” tournament, community member SergiuHellDragoon has organized the competition which offers a first place prize of $50 and a copy of Stronghold Crusader 2‘s E3 demo. Whoever comes second will also win a copy. Hell you’re even in with a shot of getting your hands on a copy simply by participating. All you need to enter is an updated copy of Stronghold Crusader (which has to be patch to version 1.3) and the ability to breathe.

If you want to be in with a chance of actually winning though, you’re going to need a whole load of skill.

More details and the sign up form can be found on the organizer’s website. If you’re interested then you’d better be quick to sign up. Entry will only be available until the 19th of July at 12pm GMT+3. The tournament itself starts on the same day.

It’s rare to see a developer participate in a tournament to this level. If you’re a fan of Real Time Strategy and you’ve not been able to give the game a shot during a con, then I for one would highly recommend entering for the opportunity. You never know, you could come away with a little something special. Also, I got to play the game at EGX Rezzed and it is awesome. There, you have your reason to enter. Go. GO!


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