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Totally Real Video Game Easter Eggs You Missed Out On


Totally Real Video Game Easter Eggs You Missed Out On

To all you Canadian gamers out there — HAPPY CANADA DAY!

To everyone else — um…IT’S CANADA DAY!

Every year on July 1st, people in my country get together, partake in cold beverages, and generally enjoy a lovely Summer day usually consisting of playing NHL ’14 in the house with our friends. It’s a great party every year, and it’s going to be especially fun after buying so many games from last week’s Steam sale.

You know, a lot of people don’t realize just how influential my country is in the world of video games. While it’s safe to assume most people know that influential developers call it home; BioWare is from Edmonton, and Ubisoft is based out of Montreal to name a couple of biggies, but it actually goes even deeper than that. There are tons of Easter Eggs hidden within your favorite video games from past and present that demonstrate how much your favorite hobby has been influenced by the Great White North.

Hope you enjoy these, eh?


At first glance, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim borrows heavily from Norse mythology, architecture, and landscape. It’s often overlooked, but there’s another northern country which keeps the Dovahkiin fighting and staying warm in the coldest climates. Don’t get me wrong; we’re more than happy to share the glory, but we just want to make sure our contribution isn’t forgotten.

Canada Skyrim

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