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The 7 Most Clever and Exciting Video Game Commercials


The 7 Most Clever and Exciting Video Game Commercials

Commercials are gross. Companies spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars to figure out how to sell a product to people like you and I. They’re formatted to appeal to certain demographics, and use annoying buzz-words like “new” and “fresh”.  Trailers for video games are a different breed altogether. Video game commercials are timeless. They’re designed to be clever, funny, emotional, and appeal to gamers’ nostalgia. Here are 7 of the very best commercials gaming has to offer.

#7 Dead Island: Announcement Trailer

This trailer shocked many of us back in 2011, and not just because of the powerful imagery of a family being brutally destroyed. That shock came from the presentation and watching the family’s story being told in reverse order.  The production value was top-notch for this three-minute spot. Whether or not the trailer was an accurate representation of the final game, it has easily earned a spot on this list.

#6 Gears of War: Mad World

A good score can can make the trailer, and this Gears trailer is case and point. I can think of no better song to play whilst a tired Marcus Fenix wanders to his imminent death than Gary Jules’ melancholic track “Mad World.” This is one trailer from last-gen that I just can’t shake.

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