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Thunder God Raiden Joining Mortal Kombat X


Thunder God Raiden Joining Mortal Kombat X

NetherRealm Studios brings us the next Mortal Kombat X fighter with a new trailer debuted at EVO 2014. Raiden, the thunder god, takes the stage with his friendly lightning hugs and (literally) eye popping fatalities.

Raiden’s 3 variations, or available fighting styles, are showcased in the video as well. Variations are a new addition to the MK series, allowing players to choose one of three specializations at the beginning of each fight.

As Displacer, Raiden utilizes teleportation and trickery to avoid enemy attacks, jump around the arena, and pull off multi-directional combos. In the more passive Storm Lord style, Raiden is able to place lightning traps around him, and activate multiple traps to stun caught enemies. Thunder God is the most aggressive style, centered around explosive, close-combat combos.

And I know this video is all about the thunder god, but at 1:48 Kotal Kahn just picks up some random woman spectator and chucks him at Raiden. What a gentleman.

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