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Three More Fighters Join Hyrule Warriors


Three More Fighters Join Hyrule Warriors

The roster for the highly anticipated Dynasty Warriors/The Legend of Zelda mash up, Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors, has grown once more. Three more fighters have hopped aboard the action train, this time all coming from the most recent entry in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are:

  • Girahim, one of two central antagonists of Skyward Sword, attacks with floating knives and can transform into a giant sword and summon demons.
  • Fi, the spirit of the titular Skyward Sword, floats around the battlefield to strike enemies with powerful magic.
  • And finally, The Imprisoned, a giant monstrous beast from Skyward Sword that can create a shockwave with his feet and fire dark energy from its mouth on its enemies.

Hyrule Warriors is coming to Wii U on September 26.

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