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Support Awesome Music with Temporous, Shoot 'em Up, Kickstarter!


Support Awesome Music with Temporous, Shoot 'em Up, Kickstarter!

Dmitry “C-jeff” Zhemkov is a musician currently based in Russia and is the composer for currently Kickstarting project, Temporous.

Temporous is a Shoot ’em up/side-scrolling hybrid game that looks to combine the retro eras two most prominent genres into one galaxy encompassing adventure and it has the music to evoke the past as well. You can see the trailer above, but it looks to be a highly polished game from developer Erik Umenhofer of Firebelly Studios as well as pixel artwork from Peter Queckenstedt.

Just to get you further hyped for this project, I’ve included a sample of the music C-Jeff has already composed for the game. You can find it below.

With stretch goals including expanded platform releases, the biggest reward for a successful campaign seems to be the remix album which will be available if enough people back the project. Some of my favorite musicians have already agreed to contribute to the remix album if it is successfully funded, including: Shovel Knight’s Jake Kaufman, and Black Box’s Aivi & Surasshu.

Please give the Kickstarter page a look and consider helping fund this great looking (and sounding) project!

Kickstarter Page

Soundtrack Preview

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