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Super Smash Bros. Gets A Special Countdown to New Character Announcement


Super Smash Bros. Gets A Special Countdown to New Character Announcement

In an interesting turn of events, Nintendo has updated the official Super Smash Bros. website to feature a countdown to July 14th, 7 AM PDT for the announcement of a new character. Typically, this wouldn’t be out there, but this is an unusual amount of fanfare building up to this particular announcement. Obviously, the entire roster has not been revealed yet, so whomever this character may be is anyone’s guess, except that it will be a new fighter.

The fact that there’s a countdown at all is what strikes as a bit odd. It’s unknown if countdowns are simply going to be used for every new announcement from now until the game’s release or if this one character is a special case, something the world needs to prepare for. Yes, I’m putting money down that they are finally announcing Cher as a playable character (Please, Sakurai).

In all seriousness though, who do you think this new fighter will be, and why do you think there’s a whole countdown for them? It’s always fun to speculate. For now, be sure to return on the 14th and watch the 3 minute character introduction right here. Too bad we’ll just have to wait and see the full roster though once Super Smash Bros. 4 is released on 3DS on October 3rd and on Wii U this holiday season.

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