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Steam Commemorates French Revolution with Sale


Steam Commemorates French Revolution with Sale

July the 14th marks the anniversary of a turning point in France’s history, The French Revolution. Without wanting to go into covering Twinfinite with a history lesson, this is a very important day for France and for French game developers; sort of like America’s Independence Day as a time the country unites to remember its collective past. As part of the celebrations Steam and Capital Games are teaming up to offer some pretty sweet discounts on the digital platform to allow the rest of the world to share in France’s festivities, offering titles built in the country at some impressive reductions.

Capital Games for those who don’t know is a Parisian cluster of developers, publishers and training companies which acts as something of a support network for studios in the city. This cluster is also working with Focus Home Interactive in offering the deals on Steam, which will be available from July 14th to July 16th. The full list of games in this mini-sale and their reductions can be found below.

-33% – Faery: Legend of Avalon
-75% – Shootmania Storm
-75% – Mars War Logs
-75% – The Last Express
-25% – Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon
-50% – How to Survive + DLC
-75% – Blood Bowl Chaos Edition
-30% – Wargame franchise pack
-40% – Wargame Red Dragon
-40% – Bound By Flame
-33% – Space Run
-66% – Remember Me
-50% – Trackmania² Valley
-50% – Trackmania² Canyon
-75% – Trackmania² Stadium
-50% – Gauge
-75% – Storm
-70% – Puddle
-50% – Let’s Sing
-75% – Aarklash Legacy
-80% – Cities XL Platinum
-75% – Stellar Impact
-90% – EYE Cybermancy

If that doesn’t get you in the mood to honor the anniversary of the French Revolution then don’t forget, Assassin’s Creed Unity will also be set within these important events. Admittedly there’s not much in the way of standout titles in that list but if you missed any of them during the Steam Summer Sale then now is a great time to catch up.

Let’s be honest, joining in with this Steam sale is a load easier and cheaper than going out to buy a French flag or guillotine.

Note: If you’re checking Steam before 1pm EST on July 14th or whenever the Steam store usually updates for you, the sales are not yet active.

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