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Star Citizen Wants $50 Million


Star Citizen Wants $50 Million

The now infamous Star Citizen, yes the space combat simulation game from the guy behind Wing Commander, is now saying that if they reach a backing of $50 million they will be adding three authentic alien languages to the game. Chris Roberts and his team over at Roberts Space Industries are planning to use the money to work with real linguistics experts to craft three wholly unique languages for the games main alien races. His hopes? That people will one day speak his alien languages much like they speak the infamous tongue of the Klingons.

The news comes from a post on the Roberts Space Industries website, where Chris Roberts goes on to explain that he doesn’t want “universal translators, [or] garbled animal noises” he wants “Star Citizen’s aliens [to] be speaking their own authentic languages!” With recent news that the game may not be running so hot on current generation consoles (PS4 and XBone, for those who have yet to catch up) it seems like this is a much more grounded, yet still very “Chris Roberts”, goal for the game that has received more than 48 million dollars in backing already. The game is expected some time within this decade, with a very hopeful estimated release date of 2015.

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