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Square Enix Revamps Founders Packs for Nosgoth


Square Enix Revamps Founders Packs for Nosgoth

Square Enix has announced a refreshed offering of founder packs for their Steam Early-Access title, Nosgoth. The Veteran, Warlord, Warband, and Immortal packs have been updated and price adjusted to match the changes, which will take place July 22nd. Along with these changes, the original Human and Vampire founders packs are discounted 25%, but only until July 22nd. On that date, the Human and Vampire packs will be discontinued. These founders packs are PACKED with content, badges, boosters, treasure chests, and game invites for your friends to play, as well, and with a 25%  discount, they are very much worth the price. Details of both the Human and Vampire packs can be found on the Nosgoth website, as well as details on the upcoming updates to the current founder packs.

On a personal note, this game is fantastic. Even if you don’t buy a founders pack, go buy the Early Access. During my time playing it in the alpha stages, it was super fun and very much worth my time trying to get into it. I recommend it highly.


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