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Shulva Beckons in New Dark Souls II DLC Screens


Shulva Beckons in New Dark Souls II DLC Screens

Now that you know how to access Crown of the Sunken King, the first episode in the Lost Crowns trilogy of DLC for Dark Souls II, let’s a deeper look. As you make your way through the depths of Shulva, an ancient subterranean necropolis, you’ll find all manner of traps, enemies, and even a dragon on your quest to find a crown that once belonged to King Vendrick.

IGN details 3 new areas for the player to explore in the DLC, each with their own “feel.” First there’s Shulva’s Sanctum City, described as a “Lovecraftian abyss” with dizzying architecture, steep falls, and hordes of undead. Then there’s the Dragon’s Sanctum, a flooded area featuring reptilian enemies and a massive tower (guarded by Black Knights) rising from the lake. Finally there’s Dragon’s Rest, a humble bonfire immediately preceding a boss battle with what I’m guessing is a dragon.

Speaking of bosses, the DLC includes 2 new ones: the aforementioned dragon, and one that we know nothing about. In addition, hidden among the dangerous ruins, the player will find a new Sorcery and a new Miracle. “Focus Souls” enables the caster to emit a single, highly destructive beam of light (given the name, I almost wonder if this isn’t in fact a Hex…) while “Denial” will save those who are near-death, though it’s unclear how.

We’ll just have to wait until July 22 when Crown of the Sunken King will be available for $10 ($25 for a season pass) on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. To tide you over, here are some new screenshots FromSoftware recently released!

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