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Save Churchill in Three-Part Sniper Elite 3 DLC


Save Churchill in Three-Part Sniper Elite 3 DLC

Sniper Elite 3 has a penchant for dropping you right in the middle of history. We saw it first with the Target Hitler: Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC released at the game’s launch. Now, players will be able to encounter another of WWII’s major figures; Winston Churchill. The new, three-part campaign will give all you elite snipers out there the mission to save Britain’s WWII prime minister Winston Churchill from assassination attempt against his life.

With the announcement of the DLC, Rebellion also revealed that all players will be receiving a free multiplayer map today. The map, Airfield, is a torn apart redux of a single player map with all new sniping positions. The map is the first of many free multiple maps players can expect to see over the summer.

The first part of the DLC pack, entitled Save Churchill: In Shadows, is out on Steam right now for $6.99.  PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One will be receive the DLC in the very near future. If you’re itching to see some of this new content and can’t quite play it just yet, check out the screens above in the header or the announcement trailer to get your fix of new Sniper Elite 3 content.


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