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Riot Takes Action Against 3rd Party Skin Fraud


Riot Takes Action Against 3rd Party Skin Fraud

League of Legends skin fraud is on the rise, with multiple websites scamming players by offering rare skins for excessive prices, and never delivering the product after payment. Of course, it is possible to acquire rare skins online, but there’s no way to discern scams from legitimate offers. It’s a system that not only devalues rare skins, which are meant to be a token memory of a player’s experience at an event, but also leaves a lot of League players cheated and sad. These services also tend to use bots, eating up server bandwidth and being generally lame players.

In an effort to protect players from skin swindling, Riot games is speaking with multiple payment processors, alerting them to these scams and asking that they withhold service to fraudulent sites. On top of this, Riot is deactivating all skin codes issued prior to April 2014. Skin codes released before this April date came with no expiration date, as today’s skin codes do. If you have a legitimate skin code you need to redeem, send a request to Player Support with proof of ownership. Don’t wait, however, because after July 23, Riot will no longer redeem skin codes for any reason.

Any more questions? Sick of shameful skin swindlers scamming sour sportsmen? Check out the code cards FAQ.

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