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Retro Game Crunch Review


Retro Game Crunch Review

It’s really hard for me to really settle Retro Game Crunch enough for a proper review. Rather than a game itself, it’s a set of 8-bit styled games, ranging from the puzzling card game Brains & Hearts to platforming action in Super Clew Land and Paradox Lost, the main title serves titles up in the style of an old multi-game arcade box. I took some time to play each of the games (well, most of them – more on that later) to get a handle on the group as a cohesive whole.

I started out with Super Clew Land, which puts together platforming action and puzzle elements to form something reminiscent in some ways to the now-ancient SNES hit EVO: The Search for Eden. Taking the role of an amorphous blob, players must navigate a treacherous landscape in search of food animals that initiate a real time puzzle mini-game to fill the evolution bar. Filling the bar grants a new evolutionary trait and power; for instance, the first evolution is legs, which grant the ability to jump. Future powers grant swimming, block-breaking, and more. This is, to me, one of the stronger titles in the package, with plentiful areas to explore and numerous powers to unlock and enemies to overcome.

Super Clew Land Dinosaur Boss

Eventually, the once-blob gains traits granting flight and offensive capabilities to battle against huge, challenging bosses.

Other enjoyable titles from Retro Game Crunch‘s repertoire include Shuten, a top-down bullet-hell with a melee twist, pitting a sword-wielding samurai against droves of baddies. In this unique take on a classic genre, players can use a charged-up strike to steal an enemy’s powers, granting powerful ranged weapons with a variety of effects. I also enjoyed Paradox Lost, a side-scrolling adventure with elements of time travel, mystery, and puzzle solving. Here, players must traverse a dangerous jungle and cave complex through three eras using creative weapons and items. Both of these titles stay true to bygone days of gaming while bringing relatively crisp, modern control options into the equation.

Shuten Crane Boss Fight

Shuten’s action gets incredibly hairy, and the boss fights that cap off each level provide fantastic tests of skill.

Unfortunately, Retro Game Crunch isn’t without its weak points. The strange and somewhat difficult to grasp Brains & Hearts didn’t do much to satisfy my gaming desires, and the puzzle platformer Wub Wub Wescue, ostensibly a tale of a pernicious pug on a journey to save his owner, didn’t run at all. With these shortcomings, it’s hard for me to say that the pack is worth the $14.99 asking price via Steam; of course, others might find more enjoyment from the titles I didn’t like as much, so I won’t say it’s not worth it if you’re on the precipice. Personally, I’d wait until a sale brings that down a bit before pulling the trigger, but for a lower cost, there’d be plenty of bang for your buck packed into this flashback-tastic multi-game deal.

Final Breakdown

[+Some solid, enjoyable titles] [+Great retro feel throughout] [+Seven titles for the price of one] [-One of the seven did not work] [-Some weak and confusing games] [-Weak sound design in most of the offering]

Good Review Score

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