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Respawn Announces New Titanfall DLC


Respawn Announces New Titanfall DLC

Respawn Entertainment released Titanfall earlier this year to both critical and commercial success, and followed that up with the game’s first DLC pack, Expedition, released in May.  Today, they announced the second Titanfall DLC pack, Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Origin for PC.

This new DLC pack contains three more maps for the game, including Haven, a beach themed map, Dig Site, a more confined mining station, and Export, another mining station, but on the side of a mountain.

This is the second of three planned DLC packs that make up the offering for the Titanfall Season Pass.  No release date has been provided yet, but the $9.99 price point was revealed.

Hopefully the release date will be announced soon so we can all know when we’ll be jumping back into the futuristic multiplayer shooter, if we have even set it aside yet in the first place.

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