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PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle Preorders Available Soon


PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle Preorders Available Soon

Well, this is odd. Video game retail overlord GameStop is advertising a limited edition PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle featuring Borderlands 2. The device itself promises the following features:

Lighter and Thinner: Approximately 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter than original
Longer Battery Life: Increased battery life of four to six hours of game play
Crisp Visuals with LCD Screen: High-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) for vivid visuals

Additionally, Gearbox’s big hit has got a ton of features on this new platform, including new character classes, environments, enemies…there’s a ton of new stuff. It looks pretty rad if you’re a big fan of Borderlands 2. The bundle will be available for preorder on July 15th, and it will set you back $199.99. What’s a little strange about this is that the bundle itself has been available for some time now.

In any case, you can check out the deets on GameStop’s site.

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