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New Sacred 3 Trailer Teases Competitive Gaming


New Sacred 3 Trailer Teases Competitive Gaming

I have been playing a very well known hack n’ slash game with friends lately and it definitely is a great experience: You know, getting your character to level up, finding better weapons and armor and specially beating the crap out of whatever demon-like monster gets across our path. It is all fun until you notice you are not killing as fast as the others. Questions are asked, stats are shared and all of a sudden you are silently competing: your character needs to be the one dealing more damage, your loot has to be better, you have to deliver the final blow on those damn bosses. Sometimes you fall low, very low, and even try to hit your mates, even though you know the game won’t allow it.

Deep Silver knows about this dirty secret most of us hide and took it into account in their latest Sacred 3 trailer.

“Victory is ours. Glory is mine.” This new game in the Sacred series, a hack ‘n’ slash cooperative game, will reveal score sheets, which will definitely enhance the gameplay experience while endangering your friendships (in a funny way, of course). Let the competitions begin.

Sacred 3 will be released on August 5th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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